PMI Americas

PMI Americas

PMI Americas is a leading global payment gateway, specifically designed to service payment solutions for Latin America.

we created the website having 5 standard pages and is available in two languages, spanish and english. The website has an interactive sliding banner with the company’s full name. It has a section just beneath the banner describing briefly the company and the text is big, bold and animated for better interactivity.

Another section describes the company’s focus and their mission. It has a section describing clearly those who they can offer their services to, with clear graphics just beside the text.

It has a clear call to action section for those who want to join their company to take advantage of the services they provide, also a newsletter form to get clients email and engage them which is a good way of generating leads.

Other pages include the Services page where each of their services is described in detail with a nice layout. An “Our Process” page which clearly describes the processes with which they carry out their services for clients and a contact page which contains all important contact information of the company.


Important features

  • Multi Language Functionality
  • Strategic positioning of CTA buttons
  • Social media integration
  • Newsletter Signup
  • Catchy Banner
  • Advance Combination and Use of Brand colors
  • Comprehensive Contact Page
  • Static call to action phone icon which shows on all device
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Responsive on all devices

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