Cryptocurrency Trading 1.0

Upcoming event.

To be scheduled after the reversal of the government ban on cryptocurrency exchange in Nigeria. Watch out for this space !!!

DSS Training 2.0

Did you miss the first edition of the DSS Training? Registration for the second edition is now on. Learn web development, write HTML, CSS and JavaScript from scratch with an experienced developer and build your portfolio with 4 different projects including CBT exam software design, Full website design(porfolio/business), Stopwatch/Cuuntdown timer app, e.t.c.

N.B: Training has ended. Kindly find training info on facebook using the button below

DSS Training 1.0

Learn all the fundamentals of web development with a well curated syllabus. This four weeks program is aimed at training aspiring web developers how to develop functional web applications using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Kindly click on the register button to register for the training. Training syllabus also available in the training info page.

N.B: Training has ended. Kindly find training info and testimonials on facebook using the button below

Digital Marketing Training

Is your business affected by the lock-down in the country? Are you thinking of how to continue with your business during this period? Then this program is for you. Learn how to leverage digital tools such as your popular social media in marketing your business and make more income while indoor. Kindly follow the link below to join the free webinar. Training is brought to you by Summydev Creations in partnership with Hydeetech.

N.B: Training has ended. Kindly find training info on facebook using the button below

3D Animation & Graphics Design

Do you want to save cost on creating online media contents? Then this training is for you. Learn 3D animation and graphics design using readily available and free mobile application in this free 3 days training. Use the button below to join the Whatsapp group for free.

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