Dash Delivery and Setup Express

Dash Delivery and Setup Express

Dash Delivery and Setup Express is logistics company that specializes in the delivery of goods in the US, they seek to extend their services to more people by bringing their presence online. They needed all the processes automated online without having their customers come to their physical office. We created the website making every process easy, we integrated a contact form on the banner which is on the landing page, this makes it easier for customers to book an appointment directly with their detail which will be used to locate them for pickup. Their services are clearly outlined on the landing page with images showing explicitly the services info. A frequently asked question section clearly positioned using an accordion to allow customers to get a response to some common questions asked by customers. A map showing clearly the location of their office was integrated on the contact page together with all their contact details. With a form which customers can use to drop feedback or request for proposal or appointment.


Important features

  • Booking and Appointment form Integration
  • Frequently Asked Question Accordion
  • Catchy Banner
  • Employment form Integration
  • Live Chat Integration
  • Advance Combination and Use of Brand colors
  • Comprehensive Contact Page

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